So why the image of hands holding a flame? To me it explains the meaning of and extreme importance in effective branding. The goal is to burn the brand into people so they know who you are at any given time, within any application. Repetition with the same style and verbiage over time will make the brand recognizable in any application. Some of the keys to branding I use on a daily basis are:

  • Establishing a proper tone of voice and being consistent in verbiage used
  • Consistency throughout all materials, web, video, print or radio
  • Appropriate color schemes and use of specific design elements
  • Repetition in the look and feel of the design
  • Delivering messages clearly and effectively

Why is it imperative to build a good brand identity and communicate it effectively? The brand is a foundation and if it’s not solid, the structure with everything based on it will not hold up.

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